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Mixed bag

Note to self: When writing a threatening and nasty note to a neighbor, never write it on the back of an envelope with your address on it. The neighbor accused, but never brought to trial, of the attempted seduction of the girl next door, has been the target of nasty notes and such, even though he's about to leave the neighborhood (sometime tomorrow, in fact). While pulling into the parking spot in front of my m-i-l's house today, we noticed a sign on his door that read "RIP *insert name of neighbor* has hurt our children. Bad neighbors should die. Long live good neighbors." Innacurate (one girl, not multiple children, were the subject of the letter, and the charges were dropped because the girl told the police so many different stories that they couldn't see their way clear to pressing charges) We (m-i-l and I) tore it down and took it into the house, turned it see that the people whose daughter initially made the charge against him were the note-writers. For god's sake, I understand being upset, but this kind of stuff just tears apart a neighborhood. The man is in therapy, and at any rate, he's moving out of state. You'll never have to see him again. Is that why they feel safe?

Had a big scare today...T was very late coming home, and I had visions of car wrecks dancing in my head. It turns out it is bad, although not catastrophic - he cashed out his paycheck so he could hold some money back from a deposit, and then while paying for some things at a bookstore, he apparently managed to leave the wad of cash sitting on a counter, or something. All he knows is he had the money at the bookstore, and by the time he got to the bank, his wallet was empty. This, needless to say, is a really crappy thing to have happened - we're on short strings as it is, and now I'm going to have to postpone paying a couple of bills because his contribution won't be in the bank. Arrrgh. I wasn't upset earlier, because I was relieved to hear he was safe, but I have to try not to dwell on it or I'll get distraught. The upsetting thing was how he felt about it - "The only way to keep me from mishandling money is to never give me a job." I wanted to make a sign to avert the evil eye when he said that, because his keeping a job has been...shall we say...a big problem thus far.

On a happier note, my friend E dropped me an exultant email. She's gotten a job! It's at a museum in Delaware, the Hagley, and she will be working with objects from about the same time period as the museum I work at does. In fact, the exhibition we have up now includes a series of things from the Hagley. I'm so excited, and better yet...because the Hagley is so similar to our place, I can take administrative leave and go up to visit, to see their interpretations, their collection storage, etc. etc. Whoohoo!

My cat's ears are filthy. And it's raining outside. We need it badly.

Looks like our building may be closed down when the World Bank has their meetings at the end of September...the protests in Genoa have made our police department veeeerrrrry edgy. So, possibly, two days of vacation. Ya can't beat that.

8:12 p.m. - 2001-08-23


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