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If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Eowyn, Woman of Rohan, niece of King Theoden and sister of Eomer.

In the movie, I am played by Miranda Otto.

Who would you be?
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Ok, ok, I know it's too much, really. But it's a good introduction, since I saw Lord of the Rings again last night, and wanted to write a little bit about it. This time around, Elijah Wood's performance bothered me a little bit - he's so passive, standing around with that big-eyed expression on his face, and making important statements almost in a dream. This isn't quite universal throughout the film, but I do wish he'd look a little less Pre-Raphealite, and a little more firm-jawed.

This got me thinking a little about the nature of the Beautiful Boy in film(Him, DeCaprio, etc) and the whole femininization/homo-eroticization that can occur. It's pretty easy to read more into Frodo and Sam's relationship than a simple friendship in the movie (I heard a few snickers in the audience). This is complicated by the fact that the movie-makers, who were probably a little uncomfortable with the very master and servant relationship between Frodo and Sam in the books, have taken away the concept of Frodo being upper-class, but left in the slightly foppish behavior that came with it. This changes, of course, but I wonder if the shift from "Frodo the confident Ring-Bearer, who is scared but willing" to "Frodo the weary Ring-Bearer who only completes his job because of Sam, because the Ring has sapped his strength" will be lost, because Frodo seems so passive now, even in the midst of his most decisive actions.

This kind of thing happens (and happened) in art as well as film - a look at Donatello's statue of David will be more than enough evidence to show that even the hero of a very active, typically masculine story can be feminized, subjected to a gaze that lingers over the curves of the body in a possessive way. And it's all because of a certain symmetry of face and form, not the person's own leanings one way or another. I'm not making any statements here, but I am musing about why very, very beautiful men can be so discomfiting for the viewer. (This issue doesn't seem to happen with the men who are very handsome in a rugged, scruffy way, and it also doesn't happen in a certain genre - the vampire movie, where a certain ambivalence is appreciated).

Anyway, the only big complaints I have about the movie is that the Galadriel Tempted scene is too overdone, but right after it she gets to deliver one of my favorite lines in the book and movie. And Sam's drowning - enough, already. Just let him hop in the boat and sail off without all this last-ditch drama that isn't necessary.

I will admit to yelling out "I want to fondle your eyebrows!" when Hugo Weaving (Elrond) was onscreen.

And now we return to your regularly scheduled Genibee:

Boromir is a hottie. I've decided that you can have Aragorn, I want Boromir, and failing that Legolas. *prrrrrr* I also have high hopes for Faramir, who does look like Sean Bean's younger brother.

And...*drum roll please* my cute little SpaceSaver guy is back today to do some work, so I can indulge my wild sex under the desk fantasy (Please see my journal entry titled Pleather Miniskirt Seduction for an explanation of this)! Sadly, I am not wearing any pleather today, which is a minus, but hey - I'm just as sexy in jeans! Woo!

Spent Saturday in a gab-fest with Persia and Cherbear, which was just a whole lot of fun. We ended up staying so late at Persia's house that Cherbear and I crashed on the floor at two am, so it was actually a slumber party. No bras were frozen, or hands put in warm water, and we didn't do each other's hair or nails, but still - we slept on the floor with big quilts and sofa pillows, so it counts.

Next week - a trip up to State College, I believe, for a festive gathering/wild party. Gee, once you start working full time, those weekends really fill up, don't they?

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