Andare, Partire, Tornare


So what do I want with your crappy old Prince Charming?

We have a topsy-turvey doll in the exhibit up right now, and somebody brought in a big box of contemporary-made ones to scatter around for the kiddies to play with. They are all fairy tale dolls - one side is Beauty, turn her upside down and it's the Beast, etc. One of them is Cinderella, pre and post Fairy Godmother. When she's the poor, raggedy Cinderella, shedding a tear, she's a brunette. When she's glamorous, glitzy Cinderella, with jewels in her hair and a gorgeous ball gown, she's mysteriously become a blonde. So apparently the Fairy Godmother's real name was Miss Clarol. (Only your magical practitioner can tell for sure!) If you're going to snag a handsome prince, better bleach those locks, baby! Hmph.

We folded and put away the most gorgeous crazy quilt yesterday. It was all done in deep, rich velvets and other fabrics, with the most cunning little embroidered hearts and strange stitches and play of colors against each other. I want one like it soooo badly. Too bad I can't sew worth a damn. I had wild fantasies about swiping it, but I think somebody would be suspicious if I crept out of here with a big honkin' quilt box clutched in both hands! Plus, the registrar in me would flinch at the idea of it being on my bed, getting slowly covered with cat hair and Bemo sweat. Someday when I'm rich and famous, I'll comission a copy, or something.

Rereading Robin McKinley's _The Blue Sword_. I had not forgotten how good the book was, but it had been a while and I am thoroughly enjoying swimming in the wonderful writing. Harry is such a great heroine, as is Aerin (I'll be rereading _The Hero and the Crown_ directly after I finish this, I think). The only McKinley book I haven't thoroughly loved is _Spindle's End_, which I think suffered from a certain vagueness around the middle parts, and which is the only McKinley book that I think I will sell back to the bookstore - by the end of it I was actively reading to finish the book, instead of reading to enjoy the story. Bad McKinley is better than most anybody else's best, so maybe I'll keep it just for the good bits.

Came in late to work - not much, just a few hours. Spent it rather blissfully dozing with Bemo and scritching Grace's chin as she sat on his chest and purred. in law has gotten a kitten to fill the void left by Tinker. She's apparently a small black and white kitling, and is being quite charming. Our first plan when we found Grace was to eventually give her to Bemo's mom-in-law, because we all knew that Tinker wasn't much long for this world. But we grew attatched to Grace, and anyway she was too old to declaw (two years old, and declawing should be done at the same time they get fixed - six months, or so) so we decided to keep her.

By the way, if you're rabidly anti-declaw, please don't leave nasty messages in my guestbook about how I'm prying all the toes off my cats, and how they'll suffer all sorts of horrible disfigurements and disabilities from it. I don't want to hear it, and I don't want to get into it with anybody because if you are a rabid anti-declaw person, you will not choose to understand a pro-declaw point of view no matter what I say. I'd rather have a nice yelling match about abortion then about declawing - tempers are cooler in the case of the first than the second! (Ok, some hyperbole, but NOT MUCH.)

Yeesh. I will rant at the drop of a hat on some topics. Don't ask me about puppy mills, either, or you'll get that lecture, and I'll start babbling while you get a glazed and distant look in your eye.

I pulled my silver flare pants out of the back of the closet today. Damn, do they look spiff. But they're a wee bit tight - I need to stop talking about and start going to the gym. Really. Honest. Of course, the Godiva chocolates on my desk aren't helping much, either...

12:28 p.m. - 2002-02-07


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