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Sinus Infection Delight!

Apparently my being in a foul mood all yesterday was the herald to a nasty sinus infection that literally sprang on me over night. And I'm sure the vodka and Tropicana Twisters I was drinking didn't help matters at all.

Note: Can you really consume more alcohol while drinking alone, and not notice it, than if you were drinking the same amount in a crowd? Is this why drinking alone is said to be one of those warning signs of alchoholism? Because I didn't get so much as a mild buzz last night, which is what I was aiming for. If I had been in an atmosphere with lots of people and stimulation, would I have felt it more?

We had a guy and a girl who used to work at my museum come by to pick up some quilts that they're borrowing. She was delightful, and had fun seeing all her old friends. He, after being introduced to people, proceeded to drone on about how great his museum was, in a monotone voice. It didn't matter if he was addressing it to somebody in particular or just to the crowd in general. I wonder if that's a guy thing - the tendency to lecture while ignoring the fact that your audience is looking over your shoulder, or grasping for a diversion of topic. I know women who have had it, but they seem, unless truly obsessed, to be able to pick up on the "I don't understand or I don't care" bodylanguage of the person they're lecturing too, whereas the guys I know who do it just plough on ahead. Example: My darling Bemo (who has been coddling me delightfully while I'm sick) knows that I know nothing about computer parts. But when he gets excited about a new video card, or motherboard, I get to hear about it. In less than a few minutes, I start hearing his voice like the Charlie Brown teacher...."Wah wah WAH wah wah wah wah WAH..." because it's all so far over my head. But if I want to blab about a stupid piece of art historical trivia, I cut it short when he starts to figet.

I have actually been pigeonholed by determined women who want to lecture me on whatever they're finding the most important at that moment, but it doesn't seem to happen as often. And then, I suppose I lecture in this diary from time to time, but you can always go find a link that'll take you to some porno, and don't have to listen to me at all!

Finished _The Eyre Affair_ and found it a great, although light novel. I found the setting to be the most intrieguing - a world where Richard III is done like Rocky Horror is worth the price of admission alone- but I didn't get very emotionally involved with the characters, and the plot seemed to loose its way towards the end. Still, a very definite must-buy, although I will wait for the paperback. And, god help me, it took a few chapters for the old "adversary is really not so evil, and will eventually end up boffing the heroine" expectation to fade, and realize that Ancheron is straight-up, capital-e Evil. We wouldn't want our heroine mixed up with a man whose hobbies included murder, slow torture, and flower arranging, would we? Loads of fun, and the website, is superfun. Where can I get my genetically engineered dodo?

6:03 p.m. - 2002-02-16


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