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Two hundred

Ouch. To answer the question, I have no idea. But it seems better to be with him and poor than without him and slightly more comfortable. Some days, it doesn't seem like it is, but most days I can say it is. And really, that's no answer at all, but if I think about it too long it depresses me.

200 entries, huh? Considering how many entries are poems and links, I suppose that it's not as impressive a figure as it could be. But here's a list of 50 things that you may not know (or care) about me.

1. I am a packrat. I love clutter, mostly because I usually can't bear to throw things out, so places like my cubicle get filled up with bright things on the wall, strange creatures on my desk, and odd papers hiding in the drawers.

2. I have an unholy obsession for yellow legal pads. I keep them around and never use them, but their blank, lined yellow surfaces make me happy.

3. The soundtrack to "Labrynth" is still one of my favorites.

4. I don't have a heart-shaped mole *anywhere* on my body, and that disappoints me.

5. Although I love learning things, I have a totally crappalicious memory, which makes any scholarly pretentions I have a big joke.

6. I love dressing up in fancy costumes, whether Halloween or simply historic.

7. I make ungodly moans when my feet get rubbed.

8. My favorite color is purple.

9. I collect Green Men, and am currently being outbid on a really cool one that I want desperately but now can't afford.

10. I am always having to rein in a jealous streak.

11. I hate and despise McDonald's Chicken nuggets, but worship and revere those from Wendy's.

12. Dogs tend to like me. Not always, but frequently.

13. If given the choice between saving a precious work of art or a small child, I'd heave the work of art out the window of the burning building, and then grab the child and run for it.

14. My handwriting is horrible.

15. My favorite statue in the world is Donatello's "Mary Magdalene."

16. I cry easily, especially at stupid tear-jerker commercials for things like dog food.

17. While in general I sneer at pop music, I am entranced by Italian pop.

18. I was born in Manila, Philippines, but am only 1/4 Filipina, if even that much.

19. My mother's maiden name is now Kahn, but there is a family story that originally it was Coen, and that the family came from Alsace-Lorraine.

20. Alsace-Lorraine is fun to say.

21. I've traveled through Asia fairly extensively, but have only been to one country in Europe, Italy.

22. I have seen the Grand Canyon and the Petrified Forest, but never Mt. Rushmore.

23. I used to write stories about being a member of a covert mercenary group that took over my school and blew it up (having safely placed everybody in the school gym before detonation). However, said stories would probably have gotten me in trouble if I were a high schooler today and they were discovered.

24. I'm a good listner.

25. Although I love her dearly now, at one point I thought that I would hate my little sister for eternity.

26. I had a hottie math teacher who was my sparring partner in Aikido, thus making me one of the few people to have a crush on a teacher that they actually go to put their hands all over.

27. Money *would* actually make most of my life's problems go away.

28. I have a huge phobia about going into the water at a beach and stepping on something horrible and poisonous. Despite this, someday I want to take scuba lessons.

29. I love watching stingrays.

30. If I could have one superpower, it would probably be the ability to shapeshift. Or talk with animals.

31. If I had three wishes, I'd wish for the ability to speak a whole bunch of languages fluently, the willpower to stop eating food that's horrible for me, and a big pile of money to pay off all my and my husband's debts.

32. I can play most of the bassline for "Hotel California."

33. I have no tonsils, but I still have my appendix.

34. My feet are size 10 EE. Which means that even if I did have a shoe fetish, I couldn't indulge it.

35. Someday I want to learn to shoot a pistol for competition.

36. Boy, these lists are long, huh? I could never make it to 101.

37. I have many interesting scars.

38. While in Italy, I told our host family that we had all visited a whorehouse in Venice. Immedieatly after this, my friend Chessica told them that we were all going to go shower together.

39. I have a lowbrow sense of humor that gets off on fart and poop jokes.

40. Fortunately I have a husband that can provide a wide selection of farts, poop, and fart and poop jokes for me.

41. I am profoundly lazy, which results in my frequent daydreaming about getting three wishes.

42. Albrecht Durer's "Self-Portrait as Christ" is possibly one of the hottest portraits around. And yes, Art History students frequently spend time discussing which piece of art, should it ever come to life, would be the best lay.

43. Hot Chocolate in the morning is a gift straight from God.

44. If I could do it all over again, I'd probably go to grad school for English, not Art History, but I can't say I'm disappointed in the path I chose.

45. I love getting mail, especially postcards.

46. I have an emergency response and salvage wheel hanging by my desk in case of a disaster.

47. I can ride a bike no-hands.

48. I am still convinced that I made it through my classes at Penn State by somehow tricking the professors into believing I was smarter than I actually am. My thesis may yet be my undoing.

49. I used to collect slugs on my way to the busstop, and let them run around on my Trapper Keeper. I always let them free before actually getting on the bus.

50. Fifty things about me is a long list. Imagine if I had subjected you to 100 things?

Well, there you have it, folks. Two hundred entries. Wubba.

2:48 p.m. - 2002-04-25


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