Andare, Partire, Tornare


Better be cute or you'll be devoured by bears

So yesterday, we embarked on the grand Accessioning of 200+ snuffboxes, little scent boxes, nutmeg graters, and patch boxes. They're spread out all over the table, tiny, pretty little things in silver, paper mache, enamel, painted ceramic, and wood. There are even a couple made from shells that are very attractive indeed. Still, none can top my glassy-eyed friend Frank, who I misidentified as Fred earlier in this diary. (what the hell, he *looks* like a Fred, and as my boss's husband is named Frank as well, it made for some confusing moments) Somebody I was talking to the other day was under the impression that Frank was made of pewter or somesuch, and I had to hasten to correct her - once upon a time, circa 1845, Frank was frolicing through the hills of Scotland when some intrepid hunter bagged him, lopped off his head, attatched three little wheels to it, and put a whacking great silver and fake-gemstone snuff box right between his eyes. I hope when the aliens come, I don't get the same treatment, although my head is much less noble than Frank's is.

I'm also accessioning in a little storybook of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In typical Victorian fashion, they've altered the tale a bit, so that the bears, at the end, are actually rather charmed by Goldilocks, mostly because she's a pretty little girl. They also managed to attatch not one but three morals - which I will elucidate for you by letting you see the final passage of the story.

"The Three bears stared for some time out of the window from whence Goldilocks took her flight; and though at first they were quite angry with the little girl and ready to eat her up, they soon got over these bad feelings, remembering that it is wise to

Bear and Forbear.

And if you'll believe me, that little bear, who had made the biggest fuss, was just as proud as he could be to think that such a pretty girl had eaten his porridge - sat in his chair - and slept in his bed! Why, he actually hugged himself with delight! But as this feeling might not last long, I should advise you not to pry into other people's affairs; and if you go into the woods you should keep away from the house of The Three Bears."

Did you get all of them? We have the nicely emphasized one, which is also...get ready for it...a pun on the bears of the story: Bear and Forebear. We also have this moral: Pretty girls get away with crap that other people might not get away with. And the final one, which I rather enjoy: Pretty girls shouldn't push their luck.

Yesterday was a big sale at Hechts, so mom took me there in a pre-birthday shopping orgy. I got a nice denim skirt, a khaki skirt, and a whole slew of tops, ranging from professional to outrageously adorable, including the mesh/bold print/orange and blue screen printed top I'm wearing, which is loads of fun. And Bemo's mom is doing the same for me but at Lane Bryant, so woo! Summer clothes for the Genibee! It'll be nice since all my really nice clothing is winter-wear, and the humidity is starting to show itself in this, our fair city. Until the storm finally broke yesterday, it was in the nineties and muggy as all get out. I actually got caught in the storm, arriving dripping wet and squishy to the slug pickup line, with a tangible damp odor arising from my soaked self. Good thing somebody was impatiently waiting at the slug line to go, otherwise I'd have had to stand there in a puddle and look pitiful.

This Weekend's Plans: Plant that garden! Therapy Riding starts again! And maybe more Birthday activities!

8:24 a.m. - 2002-06-07


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