Andare, Partire, Tornare


Giant! Slobbering! Dog!

Things, they just keep a'going. I've been plagued with a cough that threatens to pop my spleen out the top of my head, which has made sleeping rather difficult. That didn't stop me from going with Persia, Carey Lee, and the Bemo to Fat Tuesdays, to watch a fun local cover band, Gonzo's Nose. They're all really great musicians, but I especially liked watching their drummer, who is quite talented. He's just got a really relaxed, fluid action and Bemo commented approvingly that he must have a metronome implanted in his head. Bemo wasn't all that interested in the band in general, as he's not too much into the more crowd-pleasing poppy favorites that cover bands have to play, but he was mighty impressed with their great cover of the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's song "Suck My Kiss." They did a fantastic job with it.

Speaking of the Bemo, he starts work tomorrow. I wish I could say that he's really excited about it, but he isn't, at least not yet. The excitement might kick in after he goes in at ten for his training and intro to everything (and then he has to go back in that night, for his first shift.) Honestly, he's still grieving the whole band thing - and I use the word grieving very accurately, because something he loved has died. That grief has coloured the excitement that he should be feeling about the new job, and it's even led him, in the occasional black mood, to wonder if his boss at the old station reccomended him for the job at the new station "just to get rid of me, to get my ass out of his way." I can only hope that the new job goes well and that the move to the new apartment that we'll have to be planning will get him out of his funk.

Going with Boop to see the opera "Norma" tomorrow, and then I'll be spending the night at the house to make things easier for me on Tuesday, where I have graciously agreed to come in for a couple of hours to help out with the Mart's Halloween (oh, excuse me, Howl-O-Ween) party. I'll get to see dogs in costumes and give our prizes and suchlike. What the fuck, a few extra dollars for the old paycheck...

I had somebody flirt shamelessly with me on the phone today. He was getting directions to the store and apparently was taken with my voice (which was a little husky due to the coughing fits). He ended our conversation by asking my name again, and telling me that he'd be making sure to find me when he came to the store. I never saw him, so either his plans changed, or he walked in, spotted me coughing like a tubercular patient into a damp kleenex, and did an abrupt about-face, all his bomp-chicka-wow-wow fantasies cruelly dashed.

Reading more Bujold Vorkosigan books. I've always liked the ones I've read (and the non-Vor books, as well) but I haven't felt any driving need to gobble up the books. But I'm slowly acquiring them and having fun reading. It's all Natalie's fault - she made me buy "A Civil Campaign" despite my only having read the first two books in the series, so now I'm in the mood to keep going. Going to have to pick up Paladin of Souls, as well - but I'll wait for it to come out in paperback. I liked A Curse for Chalion, but I don't *need* the sequel like I *need* other books. Oh, gotta get Diane Duane's newest Young Wizards book, too. That's high on the priority list.

Going to bathe the dog off me. I had a very affectionate and very slobbery Newfoundland stick her face into my crotch today, so I'm feeling just a trifle icky.

8:07 p.m. - 2003-10-19


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