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Well, I can't say that this quiz isn't backed up by real life.

Had a very busy "weekend" which consisted of Sunday and Monday (Saturday was spent at my regular job because of Continental Congress.) Sunday was fulfilling, but nastily exhausting - we drove down with Cherbear to Fredricksburg to pick up a sofa and her bed from her storage area, drove the sofa back to our house, drove her bed to her house, dismantled and loaded up the old bed from that room, brought her bed in, and took the old bed home. Thereupon we took our mattress and boxspring out, and brought in the now-new-to-us bed and set it up. Once all the sweaty work was done, we went to grab a bite to eat, and by the time we were back, somebody had rescued our old mattress from the curb! More power to them, I guess. The thing gives new meaning to the concept of "saggy."

Watched two movies that night, chilling on our new-to-us sofa: Mask of Zorro and Zoolander. An interesting double feature, but both movies were great. Zoolander is stupid in a sublime way, and Mask of Zorro had swords and Antonio Banderas! What more could a girl want? (Bemo was more than compensated by Catherine Zeta-Jones.) Plus, Zorro actually had pretty good dialogue and a reasonable plot that required no death of brain cells to justify. And Antonio Banderas. Did I mention Antonio Banderas was in it? Mmmm, Antonio.

Sunday was spent in a slightly different manner. I had a physical scheduled (my first in too many years to count, actually) and was poked in unmentionable spots, including a surprise gyno exam (I hadn't realized I was due) a session of "Freeze the skin tags off Genibee's Neck," and a blood draw for a thyroid check (to get a baseline in case of future problems). I was also delivered of the startling knowledge that instead of being five foot seven, as I have always been told, I am apparently five foot five. I am not entirely convinced of this, mind you. I am willing to split the difference at five foot six, but that's about as far as I will bend.

But the rest of the day went more smoothly. I picked up my new contacts, discarding the old ones with relief - they were waaaaaay past their one month expiration date. Went to Barnes and Noble and read the first collection of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics, and am considering purchasing it. Very much darker and gorier than the movie (not that this is a surprise) and I can easily say that Mr. Hyde freaks the shit out of me, especially given what I know about how he kills a certain person in the second series of the book. But just the first book, with all these pictures of Hyde rampaging through people, with blood, severed limbs, and carnage a go go, gave me the heebie geebies.

Ended up at mom's house, where I spent a long time waiting by the pond reading a biography of Yeats (yes, tres romantic, non? Watching little goldfishies swim around while reading about Yeats' involvement in the Order of the Golden Dawn?) until my sister and her mom got back. Boop and I went out and got another two fish, some movies for her, and finished the evening with a run to Wendies for chicken nuggets galore. So we have six fish in the pond now. Pray for them. We're new at this, and little Beatrice and Benedick, Desdemona and Othello, and Justinian and Theodora are the guinea pigs.

This entry has been several hours in the making because I've been called away several times. Time to post it and be done.

12:51 p.m. - 2003-07-15


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