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Sunday nights with Fountains of Wayne

Man, when you let small Persian women take you out for a night on the town, you better be prepared for a good time.

Persia took me out last night to go see Fountains of Wayne at the 9:30 Club, in a sort of anticipatory payback for my taking her to see Evanescence this coming Saturday. As neither of us paid for tickets (mine are free because I work at the venue, hers were won at a local music store), it all works out quite nicely because I? Am still quite painfully broke.

The opening band was a nice group of guys from New York, called Robbers of High Street. They had a sort of slightly dissonant Kinks rock thing going, which was made obvious by the fact that they did indeed cover a Kinks tune (Dead End Street). Persia promptly fell in love with the guitarist, who was rockin’ the shaggy emo haircut, glasses, and general aw, shucks, I’m a geek but I’m in a band look. The second group was a woman named Lorena Nash (or something similar) whose band consisted of a keyboard player, a drummer, herself with a six string, and a celloist. She had a great voice (very Pat Benatar, Persia thought) but her songs kept falling into the indie-grrrl singing about Daddy trap. One or two of them worked really well, and she did truly have a great voice, but her songwriting needs help. I just hate to see people fall headfirst into stereotypes the way she did.

Needless to say, Fountains of Wayne rocked the fuckin’ house. It was a sold-out show, so we were pressed in from all sides, but aside from the brain trust standing directly behind me (who had had just enough alcohol to make him bellow every inane comment he could come up with at the crowd in general, and it’s lucky for him he shut up for the actual music or he’d have been wearing his ass for a hat), the show was a complete pleasure. I came knowing very little, I left a fan, and now, damnit, I have more music to purchase (and probably an Urge Overkill cd, THANKS, Persia, you’re making my Amazon wish list grow obscenely large). And I will also qualify “complete pleasure” with “except for my feet, which were aching like sore teeth by the end of the evening.”

Just finished reading I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. It came up on my radar when the movie came out, and people mentioned that it was a favorite book. I finally managed to get my hands on it (via Boop and her direct line to Dad’s credit card. (It was disguised as a school textbook.) It’s an absolutely fabulous book, and when I first finished it, I thought, “I wish I had discovered this gem earlier!” But that’s not true, exactly – I’m very glad I got to read it for the first time right now, because it was exactly what I needed. It’s a little breath of charm and wit and non-cloying sweetness and it was like a fresh breeze blowing past me at a moment when things seemed a little stagnant. I’m now whisking happily through a reread of The Eyre Affair, also acquired in the same clandestine “textbook” order. I need to get my hands on The Well of Lost Plots as soon as possible, damnit, because these are must-read and must-own books.

I’ve been speaking with the apartment rental liason person lady whoosis and have officially bumped the move-in date to Saturday, March 20, since I won’t be able to take off that Friday, and since I’m the primary leaseholder I need to be the one signing the paperwork. They’re reserving an elevator for us for most of that day, which is kinda cool and which I didn’t expect, so that’s a bonus. But I’m already mentally groaning at all the lugging of stuff which will be going on. But Boop and her boy are coming (bribed by pizza at the Penalty Box afterwards) so whoohoo. And maybe I can ask mom to take me to the grocery store to buy cleaning products – it seems like something that would appeal to her sense of duty about cleaning the good clean.

2:14 p.m. - 2004-02-23


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