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Two Towers entry - or What Gives Genibee The Goosebumps

So I did say something about creating a Tolkien entry that had to do with signifigant moments, didn't I? I do know a few Tolkienites that are upset at the movie even being made, and a few others who think the movie was done badly, but the vast majority seem to be happy with things as they stand, understanding that yes, signifigant things have been changed, and things could be better, but they could certainly be worse, and that on the whole, the movies are pretty darn good. It's interesting to note that some things bug some people more than others - I was irate about Faramir's character being changed for a while, but I'm pretty much past that, although I think that Theoden got the shaft in the movie. Some people feel that Aragorn's motivations have all been changed (and they have, really) but they work ok in the context of the movie. And as for Boromir, well - my ideal Boromir is a nice blend of the movie and the book, with the movie allowing me to see the turmoil play out over his face. I don't read books and develop solid physical images of the characters in my mind, so having actors put their faces to the book's names doesn't bother me. In fact, it really is rather nice, especially when a movie was as well-cast as this one was. It's only when an actor is so totally wrong for a role that it offends my suspension of disbelief - for example, if Tom Cruise had popped up as Aragorn, no matter how good a job he did, I'd still be irked. But my range for "good actor for the role" is pretty wide - if Daniel Day Lewis had played Aragorn, he'd probably have been just fine, and I'd have been happy, even if I'm not a raging DDL fan like some people I know *coughPersia*

But what I was thinking of doing was a brief list of moments where the movie just gets it totally right - where for whatever reason (acting, scenery, etc) that I am completely and wholely in Middle Earth, in the heart of Tolkien's spirit. It's those moments where the tears spring to the eyes or a chill runs down the back, and something essential is captured. Feel free to add or subtract from this list should you feel so moved.

The first view of Hobbiton and Bag End, with all those perfect little round doors set into the hillside

The first glimpse of Gandalf, trotting up the hill in the little pony cart

The brief shot of the Nazgul leaving Minas Morgul, with the doors flinging open and the Riders galloping out, black cloaks flying behind them

Strider, cloaked in shadows, smoking a pipe

The Nazgul entering the Prancing Pony

"Where are you taking us?" "Into the Wild."

Gandalf on the bridge, facing the Balrog

Boromir in Lothlorien, talking with Aragorn "...silver trumpets to announce that the Lords of Gondor have returned..."

Galadriel, just after her turn into the blue demon goddess (which was tres overdone) settling quietly back into her own skin and saying, wonderingly, "I have passed the test. I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel..."

The fight at Amon Hen

Boromir slumping to his knees, four black arrows in him, as the Orcs stream past him like an evil wave around an unimportant rock...and his death with Aragorn reassuring him that all has not been in vain

"My King..."

The Riders of Rohan wheeling to surround the Three Hunters

The first view of Edoras, and Eowyn standing on the threshhold of Meduseld

The scene of Arwen standing at the foot of Aragorn's tomb, her veil blowing against her face - an image of sorrow beyond speaking

The boy in the chain mail coif four sizes to big for him, trying his very best not to despair

Theoden's speech - right out of the book - "Fell deeds awake..."

The charge out of the Hornburg

Faramir's troup of green-cloaked men, and the hideaway behind the waterfall

It's interesting to look back on this and note that despite the fact that I think the Frodo/Sam/Gollum storyline is being done very, very well, it's not usually the part that gives me the shivers. For whatever reason, the Aragorn Gondor/Rohan threads of the story have always been more evocative for me. Maybe I'm a closet monarchist, or something.

I'll no doubt have more stuff on the Two Towers when it comes out (in NOVEMBER, *sniffle*) in the extended edition version, because then I can be truly obsessed and watch it and listen to the commentaries and all that jazz. I'm also wondering if Imrahil has been cast for Return of the King, or if they've just edited him out - he's a nice supporting character, especially since Eomer ends up marrying his daughter! (not that we ever meet her, mind you). I really like him, and it'll be a shame if they simply elide him out of the story.

9:59 a.m. - 2003-01-24


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