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Destiny Hamster and stories of shopping

Can I just ask that people who call in to political tv and radio shows who want to express anti-war views please be allowed to shut the fuck up about supporting the troops, already? This isn't the Vietnam era, people don't spit on soldiers in the street anymore, we all get it, and if you want to say you hate Bush and think the war in Iraq is stupid, just say it without the preliminary crane-dance about how this doesn't mean you hate the military, routinely throw dung at people in uniform, or spend your evenings drawing moustaches and goatees on military recruitment billboards. And the hosts of these shows need to stop insisting people preface their comments with these weird fucking disclaimers. We. Get. It. None of us are stupid.

And in other news, I spent a hellacious morning yesterday trying to get into the office. Independence Avenue was flooded due to the bigtime rains we've been having in the past few days, so I sat in the car for forty minutes trying to go five miles. But our new prep guy started his first day, and we're getting along with him really well, and he helped us put up quilts on the really stupidly designed quilt racks, so it looks like things will work out nicely with him. He seems to be a great guy, but alas he has a long-term girlfriend, so I can't hook him up with any of my friends.

Sunday at the 'Mart, I wound up helping a nice young Korean woman get everything she needed for a hamster. Her english wasn't perfect, but it was quite good, although I had a little trouble communicating the fact that the hamster wasn't going to get lonely when she was gone, and that it wasn't a good idea to take it with her to class and to work, especially in the wintertime. We got to the point where she was picking out the hamster she wanted, and she pointed at one cute little one, mostly white with a dark brown saddle.

"That one," she said.

"Do you think he's the cutest?" I asked, putting the hamster into his little cardboard carry-home box.

The woman looked at me solemnly, and said, "Our eyes met. We have a destiny."

I admit to not thinking of hamsters having destinies before. But "Genibee and the Hamsters of Destiny" would make a rockin' band name.

I really needed new clothes, especially for colder weather, so I went and spent a lot more money than I had planned on at Lane Bryant yesterday. Got two camis, one with a matching light sweater (both in a sort of deep purple that is almost a deep brown but not quite), a shirt that's striped in thin opaque and sheer white stripes, to wear over the camis, a size 16 (*whoop!*) pair of cool stretchy jeans, a sort of hippie paisley red shirt, a nifty beaded necklace, two bras, and, for my only non-sale item, one of the very currently hip black shirts with white satin cuffs and collar, that are made to imitate the look when you pull a sweater over a button-down shirt. I really like that shirt, but it may go back - it was forty-four bucks, and I spent a grand total of two hundred and thirty bucks. I feel a little weird about that, even though I know I got a lot for the money.

And I still don't have a Halloween costume for the thing on Friday. I may just put on my evil barbarian/witch queen helmet and leave it at that.

Been reading more of the Bujold books, and finding them entertaining, but still not as rave-worthy as so many others seem to. I think I like Cordelia and Aral best, actually - I don't *dislike* Miles, but there are points where I just flip pages. I just finished Brothers in Arms, and enjoyed it quite a lot, but there was a chapter or two towards the end where I just started skimming until something caught my attention and I began actually reading again. But Barrayar keeps my attention the whole book through, as did Shards of Honor. But they've been fun reads, for the most part. I'm just not ready to go get the Vorkosigan seal tattooed on my arm, like a picture I saw on a website.

I would, however, get a tattoo of Tubey, from Television Without Pity. Because he rocks.

8:34 a.m. - 2003-10-28


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