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I'll see your Three Muskateers and raise you a Snickers

Spent a chilly Friday escorting a bunch of loud Texans through our building for an after-hours event. They were all unimpressed with the Texas room, despite careful commentary by museum staff on how authentic it is, the time period it represents, and the fact that it is not a pretty pretty pink parlor, making it a favorite among visitors who are uninterested in the bland. When we passed the Alabama room, which is a nice little transitory room from Federalist into early Victorian, I heard some mutterings about the injustice of Alabama being a “nicer room” than Texas. Bastards. The Texas room has cool wall stencils and a really pretty schrank. They have no taste.

I hadn’t been scheduled to work on Saturday at the ‘Mart, but when I stopped by on Friday to get birdseed for the Kitty Cable TV Unit (aka the birdfeeder), the manager abjectly pleaded with me to come in, as we were doing Easter Bunny photos and needed the extra help. So I swung in for a five hour shift, taking polaroids. Bunny Duty was taken over by various sad individuals who, although enthusiastic for the job at first, soon discovered that the bunny head is Mighty Hot And Vaguely Stinky. Some of the dogs were freaked out by the costume, but most trotted up and sat nicely for photos, especially when they discovered that we were handing out the doggie biscuits with reckless abandon. One of them, an Irish Wolfhound named Huey, discovered that being near the Bunny meant lots of people to scratch his belly, so he kept dragging his owner back over to us and flopping onto the floor, with four long legs waving up in the air so we could see that he required our attention.

Saturday ended with us picking up the remainder of our things stored in mom’s garage, save for the tv stand and the vastly heavy footlocker that Bemo’s been clinging to for the past twenty years. I may talk him into discarding it, as one of the leather handles has finally snapped. It’s hella-heavy, but we’ll have to relocate all the memorabilia and records and stuff stored in it, which will be a pain.

Sunday was spent pulling a nine hour shift at the ‘Mart, which at least meant I was out of the wind that was gusting shopping carts all over the parking lot and keeping our stocker running after them like a crazy man. Then we headed over to Persia’s mom’s house to pick up a kitchen table set. Persia’s mom is trying to get us to take her pair of parakeets, vowing that once summer comes, she’s going to set them free. Bemo wouldn’t let me take them, or we’d be two birds the richer right now, soft touch that I am. But he’s right – we’d have to find a place to put them, and I don’t know where that would be.

Because of our lack of tv and internet right now, Bemo and I have actually been bonding over some strange things. We spent Friday and Saturday night playing poker – or rather, he’s teaching me how, and we’re sort of playing in an open fashion where we discuss the cards instead of being very cutthroat about it. By Saturday, I was starting to get the hang of it. We even went and bought a pack of mixed chocolate miniatures, to use as chips. It’s much more frustrating when you see a pile of chocolate scooped by your opponent than it would be if you were playing for mere money. But having only two players makes the game skew a little oddly, so we’ll have to see if anybody is interested in playing with us. It’s madly entertaining, and I’m slowly learning what cards compose what hands. Plus, I can pretend I’m a cowboy in a seedy saloon.

3:58 p.m. - 2004-04-05


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