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Quilts and Concerts

Mmph. Apparently, I am not of the age where I can go see a concert, stay up late, and then rise and shine the next day and be perky and alert. Not that I am perky and alert at any time, but it was even more obvious yesterday that I was not entirely there. Took Boop and a friend of hers to see John Mayer and Guster in concert - although John Mayer is riding a high tide of popularity, it was apparently a double-bill, not Guster opening for Mayer. Which now makes sense of the fact that we had a row of people behind us singing along to every Guster song even after the band had left the stage. It was a great show - lots of energy and excitement,and only a little self-indulgent guitar wanking by John Mayer, who has a very nice voice, a good stage presence, and who makes his songs sincere, even the ones with rather stupid lyrics. Most of the performance really delivered the goods, even through the shrieking of teenage girls who were imploring him to take his shirt off. Really, people. He's ok-looking (sort of a weedy Jouquim Phoenix) but he's not all that. The puppy-dog eyes are cute, though. I hadn't ever heard of Guster before, but they were fun as well, and they have a percussionist who must have the best heart and lungs God ever gave a man, because he was a friggin' maniac with his regular drum set and then his additional set of congas and bongos and doumbecks and every other drum under the sun.

So, of course, I was up late, and unprepared to spend yesterday doing more work on the takedown of the exhibition, although I did my very bestest. We lugged up carts full of dollhouses and wee little furniture made for kiddies, and dolls and alphabet blocks and a tiny cast-iron iron that sits on the tiny cast-iron stove, and today, bless and save me, I will be returning the umpteen billion pieces of doll furniture and accessories to their respective drawers. Shoot. Me. Now. We're postponing all the gruntwork till next week, where we'll be lugging platforms and empty cases and walls down to the bowels of the building, where our storage area lies. Then, we take down the quilts and tape up the doors to the cases because the floors need to be sanded.

Oh, speaking of quilts - I know a few of you quilters out there read this thing. I have some books that I will gladly mail out to anybody interested. First person to speak for any or all gets them, others to be distributed as asked for. I have a Better Homes and Gardens publication titled _America's Heritage Quilts_, a book with both b&w and color photos, with stories about older quilt patterns, embroidery stitches for embelishing crazy quilts, quilt designs and patterns to reproduce, tools and materials. A pretty interesting book. Next is a book by Marguerite Ickis, called _The Standard Book of Quilt Making and Collecting. It's all black and white, and is all pattern blocks and patterns and advice on fabrics and is very much a "how-to" book for a quilter that knows what they're doing. Then there's the very pretty book _Quilting Together: How to Organize, Design, and Make Group Quilts_, by Paula Nadelstern and LynNell Hancock. It's full-color, lots of contemporary and cute designs, and good for both beginner and more advanced quilting groups. Really, if you're interested in quilting an album quilt or memorial quilt type of thing, you can do it all yourself, instead of getting a group together, but the book also has things, down to sample letters, to get people together as a functioning quilting group. Lastly, there's a book by Linda Macho simply titled _Quilting Patterns_, which is exactly what you get - 110 Full-Size Ready-To-Use Designs and Complete Instructions. So, if you want 'em, let me know.

9:53 a.m. - 2002-09-05


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