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Crazed Holiday Adventures

It's been quite the odd Christmas season. Although I've done more traditionally Christmassy things than I've done in the past (my first tree in my own apartment, going to parties, having one myself), it seemed like Christmas itself was a strangely remote day that we wouldn't be seeing for at least another month or two.

So here I am, on Christmas Day, waiting for Bemo to return from work so we can go over to his mom's house. Christmas has officially arrived, and the apartment is full of unwrapped presents, pine needles from the shedding Christmas tree, and dirty dishes because I haven't had any time to clean. The past few days have been full of fun, though - especially since I got to spend a lot of time with my sister.

I'm not sure how it happened, but there was a party at my mom's house on the 23rd. Mom invited her contractor (aka The Man Who She Would Probably Date Except She's Still Technically Married And He's HIV-Positive And Seems To Have Kind Of A Hinky Past And Anyway Nobody Is Really Sure What Kind Of Dynamic The Two Of Them Actually Have), but Boop was allowed to invite a small horde of her friends, so it was quite merry. Prep Lad had phoned me before I headed out to the party, to tell me that he had some cds he thought I'd be interested in borrowing, so I headed over to his place first, to find him assuaging his Christmas hate with some drinking. He also had remembered a photo I had admired that he took in Spain a few years back, and had found a nice enlargment that he gave me, along with two other photos, one of which I gave to Boop. He seemed a bit down, so I hung out with him for a bit and chatted with him and admired his honking huge furry black melon that he calls a cat. (I'm not so sure - I think it might be a very small bear.)

Anyway, he loaned me a bunch of cds and a few books, so I arrived at the party loaded down with bags and mysterious parcels. The hordes of Boop's friends started arriving, and aside from one girl who seemed to want my mom to hear her say "fuck!" all the time, things went very well. I spent the night, and the next day, Boop and I went out shopping, so I wound up with a new outfit for the Latin High Midnight Mass said in the pre-Vatican II form that I was going to with her that evening.

We swung by the apartment, woke up the Bemo, and dragged him back to mom's house for food and presents and some dubious carol-singing on the new piano mom just got. After we had torn through the presents (including one to me from Moses the baby fish, now sadly deceased thanks to a big heron, damn it), all of us except for mom headed off to Mass. Bemo came with us for is, although he is a heathen Baptist (I'm a heathen Catholic, I suppose, because my attendence at Mass is...spotty, to say the least) and although he suffered greatly from the hard wooden pews, and the Sit-Stand-Kneel routine that he refers to as Catholic Calesthenics, I think he enjoyed the music very much. The choir was fabulous, and it's nice to smell incense in the air every once in a while. The church was lovely, too - built in 1845 and very stately. There was even a little extra drama, as Bemo and Boop got to witness a double-crackhead rousting by the police, after said crackheads seemed a little too interested in the cars parked outside the church.

This entry is obviously going to win some sort of award for Extra-Rambly and Non-Cohesive. I don't care. I'm hopped up on chocolate from my stocking, and not interested in making any sense. Or, erm, not capable, at the moment. I'll stop here. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody - I hope yours was as crazy and as fun and as filled with family as mine was.

4:55 p.m. - 2004-12-25


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